“True Nature’s Feels Like Centuries was the best modern day rock album I had listened to in 2009. True Nature took a new approach to the sound of today’s rock and improved upon it. If you like modern day rock, check this band out.” [link]
- The Rock & Roll Report

“True Nature took a new approach to the sound of today’s rock and improved upon it.”  [link]
-The Rock And Roll Report

Nominated: Best EP Of The Year
- Rock Wired.

“Barlow’s hope of letting his music’s Eno-esque scope and Bono-esque ideals gleam brightly comes to fruition.” [link]
- Rock Wired

“True Nature has potential to become radio rock staples.” [link]
-Music Emissions

“Feels Like Centuries” is cut from the same cloth as “Zoo”-era U2.” [link]
-Neu Futur Magazine

“Feels Like Centuries was released into a market starving for something new. Barlow delivers… True Nature has a hit on its hands. This one’s a no-brainer.”
-Wildy’s World Blog

“Each song is an emotionally driven passionate ode to how we all collectively suffer in a society that has lost its sense of security.” [link]
-Jersey Beat Magazine

“These songs resonate passionately in today’s era of political change and societal shifting without falling over on it’s own message.”
-Bullz-Eye Magazine

‘Feels Like Centuries’ could easily make it onto major radio rotation but there is a more enlightened, more spiritual element ensuring that there is something staying …”
-Neu Futur Magazine

Barlow sure works hard as hell to pack in all he can in five tracks.
-Skope Magazine

“This debut True Nature set may only contain five tracks yet they are well worth hitting the replay button and reloading.”
-Music Web Express 3000