Album Cover Accepted Into George Eastman House Photography Museum

TRUE NATURE’s album cover art was just accepted into the permanent collection at The George Eastman House Photography Museum by it’s creator and my creative comrade Glen Wexler.

Glen has created Rock Album art for Van Helen, Rush (I am the biggest RUSH fan!!!), Black Sabbath, a great but lesser known band called OSLO through who I originally found glen and so very many others including an iconic picture of Micheal Jackson. So I really couldn’t believe that Glen selected TRUE NATURE’s ‘Shout’ cover art to submit to the photography museum. At some point Glen did mention something about my giving him more freedom then these big label bands to fulfill his vision yet I also am just grateful that he and I spoke extensively about the concepts at play before he even set out to create any … ‘Improbable Realities’ as he terms it.

This is the icing on the cake to me ! It was already an long journey to find the ‘right people’ to work with musically and after an astonishing round of recording sessions that realized my sonic visions so perfectly, my family roots in the visual & kinetic arts kicked in when I needed equally strong album art to make things complete to present True Nature. Finding the legendary Glen Wexler and gaining his interest in creating album art for my music has been a unique and wonderful key to presenting True Nature to the world.

(Complete story updating later this week.)